This tool provides remote check for ssl certificate expiration date. It connects to hosts:port, retrieve the expiration date and show you if it's going to expire. It can retrieve multiple host:ports from a config file to do mass daily checks

It is released under the GNU General Public Licence.

Download it here.

Or apt-get it directly for debian (sarge, etch, sid):

deb unstable main

deb-src unstable main

Bug-report, questions? Email me.

2006-05-17 - new release 0.6.2

* Removed debian directory from upstream
* Packaging cleanup

2003-07-26 - new release 0.6.1

* Changes inspired from Mark D. Nagel:
* replaced call to date -d with use of str2time from Date::Parse
* merged the two openssl calls into one (for efficiency)
* created variables to point to the openssl and sendmail binaries
* replaced the use of 'mail' with 'sendmail -t' (mail command could easily
  introduce security flaws)
* some typos